Wanderlei Silva vs Rich Franklin 2 Fight Video - UFC 147

MMA Full Fight Video HD/HQ of Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva II in the Main Event Catchweight (190) Bout @ UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin II in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on June 23rd, 2012.


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                Tez said...
                June 24, 2012 2:25 am  

                What an amazing fight. It's great to see the respect these guys have for one another.

                That was some really good refereeing in the second round. So many refs would have stopped it prematurely.

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 3:00 am  

                Great fight, Wandy was so close to finishing it in the 2nd.

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 3:16 am  

                Yeah Herb Dean is great at not stopping fights when they should carry on. Did the same with JDS vs Carwin.
                Very close fight, couldn't tell who won it, I thought maybe Wanderlei as he pressed the action but yeah great fight.

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 5:56 am  

                Nice repeating ads throughout

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 7:48 am  

                links do not work?

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 8:16 am  

                link broken

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 10:16 am  

                This isn't even the whole fight where is the rest?

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 10:39 am  

                Link only plays the first three rounds. Franklin's body strikes were solid.

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 1:07 pm  

                I'm never returning to this website.

                The advertisements playing throughout the video ruins the experience of watching the fight.

                I've given this website multiple opportunities.

                Never again!

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 3:40 pm  

                dude shut up its a free stream, im sure with website gives a shit if u dnt give it another chance

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 6:00 pm  

                Lol @ the guy bitching about never coming back to this site, bro no one gives a flying fuck. It's not like your paying for anything, moron.

                Anonymous said...
                June 24, 2012 10:10 pm  

                LOL that is hilarious... I'll never give you nothing ever again!!!

                Toto said...
                June 24, 2012 11:19 pm  

                I'll swear I'll leave this site if they don't put videos back up in a timely manner. I'm sick of you nigglets. I'm warning you, I'LL LEAVE!

                Anonymous said...
                August 27, 2012 1:58 am  

                video ended before the winner was announced. i don't know who won the fight !

                Aron Owen said...
                November 27, 2012 1:28 am  

                Don't read if you don't know the winner!

                Franklin wins via Unanimous decision.

                What a great fight though! Wanderlei is my favourite fighter and It's great to see such a fight with so much respect from Silva and Franklin.

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